Shared Accomodation

A perfect storm of incoming policy changes, the most major being the implementation of the LHA cap in April 2019, means that in order to avoid a widespread housing catastrophe for under 35s, social housing providers will urgently need to consider providing shared accommodation for this vulnerable age group.

Whilst shared housing options are fairly common in the private rented sector, they are still relatively new ground for social housing providers. With this in mind, in December 2016 End Furniture Poverty held a skills share event on the provision of shared accommodation for under 35s. Hosting a range of speakers, including policy experts and housing providers with firsthand experience of successful sharing schemes in the social sector, the day was a real success. Knowledge and discussions from the day are captured below in two briefing notes. 


The Policy Context

What upcoming policy changes will be affecting the under 35 age group, and how should housing providers change to adapt to the new policy climate?


Opportunities and Practical Advice

What opportunities does shared accommodation present for a social housing provider? And what practical advice should be taken on board for those considering a pilot scheme?


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