Guarantee it's Guaranteed

When a consumer buys a brand-new appliance for their home, they know that they are, in effect, buying 2 things: the product and peace of mind. 


However, for customers buying preloved white goods, it is likely that the warranty on offer is much less generous. This is an example of the poverty premium in practice – those on lower incomes struggle to afford to shop at places that offer stronger guarantees.


End Furniture Poverty is encouraging all Furniture Reuse Organisations (FROs) to offer their customers proper peace of mind and security by introducing 12-month warranties on all preloved white goods.


A 12-month warranty is standard practice when buying an item brand new, in stark contrast to a 3-month warranty that is offered by most preloved sellers. Even accounting for wear and tear, offering only 3 months does not suggest a great deal of confidence in the product you are selling.


For many people living in Furniture Poverty, preloved white goods are an invaluable lifeline, offering people an affordable means of furnishing their homes with essential items of furniture. However, these people are more likely to struggle to stay afloat in crisis situations, such as when their oven or washing machine breaks down. The choices they face are stark. Many will turn to expensive high-cost credit or Rent-to-Own, attracted by the longer guarantee.


The FROs who make up the Reuse Network are charitable organisations at the heart of their communities, dedicated to reuse, to offering jobs and training opportunities and to helping people in need.

That’s why End Furniture Poverty is calling on these same community-minded organisations to extend their warranties. In short we think 12 month warranties can be better for your organisation, for the environment and for customers.

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