Beds for Kids 2018

Happy New Year from everyone at End Furniture Poverty!

As we enter a momentous 2019, with the spectre of Brexit and further uncertainty welfare change on the horizon, we thought it would be right to start off the year on a positive note with an update on our Beds for Kids campaign.


This Christmas we were able to deliver 42 beds, 44 mattresses, 44 bedding sets, 47 duvet and pillow sets and 1 cot with bedding and mattress to families across Merseyside. A big thank you to everyone who has shared and donated to our campaign – and especially to the ACC Liverpool Group, Stonehouse Beds and Dectoex for their generous support.


It is a travesty that so many children across the country are going without a bed of their own to sleep in. Thanks to the support of so many generous people, we have been able to give some of those children the gift of a good night’s sleep for Christmas!

Thanks once again to everybody who donated, all of our referral partners and all the best for 2019!