Preloved Furniture

Preloved furniture is an important solution for many people in Furniture Poverty. For those on a low income or without resources to access brand new items of furniture, preloved furniture can be:

  • High quality
  • Long lasting
  • Good value for money
  • The only way of accessing furniture they need to live a secure life

Finding preloved furniture a new home also has the advantage of being better for the environment, and can provide work and training opportunities for disadvantaged individuals.

This ‘win-win’ scenario of using preloved furniture to reduce Furniture Poverty is put into action across the UK every day by furniture re-use organisations (FROs). These vary in size, location, overall aims and business model but most are united by some common features:

  1. Collecting furniture that is no longer required. This may be from domestic properties, or businesses such as John Lewis who operate ‘take-back’ schemes.
  2. Distributing this furniture to people in need.
  3. Using these activities to upskill disadvantaged people by employing them as staff, trainees or volunteers
  4. In order to be a sustainable solution however, it is important that the preloved furniture is of a high quality, and that it will last a significant period of time. This can be achieved by ensuring that certain quality checks and processes are in place within a furniture reuse organisation.

If you’re interested in preloved furniture as a solution to Furniture Poverty, please get in touch. We have in-house expertise of using preloved furniture as a solution to Furniture Poverty for almost 30 years so we can provide some helpful advice addressing how to improve practices.

You can use the Reuse Network's search tool below to find your nearest preloved furniture service: