The Glasspool Trust is one of the few national charities making small grants to individuals in need, which has no restrictions on the type of beneficiary.

The usual aim of the grant is to help the beneficiary over a short term crisis.  

They do not accept applications directly from individual members of the public. Only organisations that meet our criteria are eligible to apply.

Will consider requests for:

  • White goods

  • Beds & bedding

  • Essential household items and other household goods

  • Clothing, including school uniforms

  • Baby needs

  • Travel expenses for hospital visits etc.

  • Contribution towards equipment and adaptations for people with disabilities where there has been an occupational health therapist recommendation.

  • Vocational materials and training where there is clear evidence of an employment offer

  • Driving lessons/tests where there is clear evidence of an employment offer

  • Flooring where there is an exceptional circumstance for people with disabilities

  • Educational computer equipment/television where there is a permanent or substantial disability/illness.