Beds For Kids


It is estimated that there are over 9,000 children across the Liverpool City Region who do not have a bed of their own to sleep in, with many forced to share with siblings or left sleeping on the couch. That means having nowhere safe and comfortable to sleep and nowhere to hang their Christmas stocking.


Taking figures from national grant-making charity Buttle UK, who are especially well known for giving funding for beds, it is estimated that over 10,00 children across the Liverpool City Region do not have a bed of their own to sleep in.


It’s already well-documented that, on average, children from disadvantaged backgrounds tend to do worse at school than their more affluent peers. That means that over 9,000 children across our region might be starting the school day already at a disadvantage having not had a proper night’s sleep.


The side effects of going without are much more than just a bad night’s sleep. For many children, having friends round for a sleepover is a key part of childhood. Without a bed to call their own, many children are excluded from some of the most basic aspects of being a kid.


You can help to make a real difference to a child's life this Christmas.


The End Furniture Poverty campaign is aiming to deliver much-needed beds to the Liverpool City Region’s children in time for Christmas.


How you can help:

Donate here

Please give whatever you can to help Merseyside's children this Christmas. Every donation makes a difference!

  • £77 pays for the purchase, delivery and assembly of a bed, mattress, pillow, duvet and sheets for a Merseyside child in need.

  • £48.50 buys a bed and mattress

  • £7.50 buys a set of bed sheets and pillowcases for a child

  • £6 buys a duvet and pillow set for a child

Encourage your boss to sign up for Make a Change, Change a Life here


If you’re a business and you’d like to help:

Donate here

Adopt End Furniture Poverty as your corporate charity

See how a small change in your business can make a big difference to a child in need here

For more information about the campaign, or if you’d like to help, please contact us:

0151 305 5229

We are working with referral agencies from across Merseyside to identify children in need of a bed. If you know of a child in need of a bed, please let us know: