Preloved Furniture

Preloved furniture is an important solution for many people in Furniture Poverty.

For those on a low income or without resources to access brand new items of furniture, preloved furniture can be:

  • High quality
  • Long lasting
  • Good value for money
  • Their only way of accessing furniture 

Finding preloved furniture a new home also has the advantage of being better for the environment, and can provide work and training opportunities for disadvantaged individuals.

This ‘win-win’ scenario of using preloved furniture to reduce Furniture Poverty is put into action across the UK every day by furniture re-use organisations (FROs). These vary in size, location, overall aims and business model but most are united by some common features:

  • Collecting furniture that is no longer required. This may be from domestic properties, or businesses such as John Lewis who operate ‘take-back’ schemes.
  • Distributing this furniture to people in need.
  • Using these activities to upskill disadvantaged people by employing them as staff, trainees or volunteers


Find your nearest Furniture Re-use Organisation here.

We’re also currently compiling a range of case studies to celebrate good practice around using preloved furniture so if you know of any examples which demonstrate imagination, innovation or efficient use, please get in touch!