Charitable Grants and Funds

Charitable grants and funds are a good sort-term solution to furniture poverty if you are looking for a one-off injection of money or resource.

There are a number of funds available for people in crisis or great need. Links to a few are below, but another great resource is the Turn2Us grants search tool, available here:


Another potential source of support for you may be a local authority Local Welfare Provision (LWP) or Local Welfare Assistance (LWA) schemes, so it may be worthwhile searching for one of these on the website of your local authority before applying to any charity funds.


A selection of organisations are listed below. If you have any more to add, please contact us at


Glasspool Charity Trust

A national grant making charity with no restrictions on the type of beneficiary they support, Glasspool is an important funder in the sector for those projects and beneficiaries who find it difficult to get support from elsewhere.

Any eligibility restrictions? No


Buttle UK

Buttle UK focus their work on children and young people in need. They operate nationally.

Any eligibility restrictions? There are some restrictions around the age of the young people that Buttle UK will help. More details are on their website.


Eat, Sleep, Learn, Play 

This is an early-intervention crisis grant programme run by Save the Children. They provide essential household items to low-income families with very young children.

Any eligibility restrictions? The programme only helps families with children under 36 months old or mothers who are 28 or more weeks pregnant.


Family Action’s Welfare Grants Programme

This programme works to prevent an immediate crisis from spiralling and threatening the stability of families and individuals.

Any eligibility restrictions? It is open to families and individuals on low incomes, especially those on benefits, in need of essential household items.


The National Benevolent Charity

The National Benevolent Charity specialise in offering financial help to those who have fallen into poverty because of sickness, disability, age or another reason. They make grants to purchase essential household items.

Any eligibility restrictions? There are some limited restrictions. These include that applicants must be in receipt of all available state benefits, and should already have applied to any trade or professional charity. More information is available on the website.