End Furniture Poverty is the campaigning arm of the FRC Group, a social business and charity based in Liverpool. FRC Group has nearly 30 years of experience of providing furniture, both new and pre-loved, to people in Furniture Poverty. Reducing and ultimately eradicating Furniture Poverty is at the heart of everything that FRC Group does.

End Furniture Poverty was launched in 2015 to raise awareness of Furniture Poverty, to educate people about the potential solutions to Furniture Poverty and, ultimately, to ensure that everyone has access to the essential furniture and goods they need to lead a secure life.

Furniture Poverty is the inability to afford or access the basic essential items that provide a household with a decent quality of life and the ability to participate in the norms of society.

If somebody does not have access to the basic appliances and items of furniture that they need to meet a minimum standard of life then they are classed as being in Furniture Poverty.  

Furniture Poverty is best represented as ladder.


Our first campaign, Furnishing Homes Furnishing Lives, focused on increasing the provision of furnished tenancies in the social housing sector. As part of the campaign, we offer pro bono support to housing providers who are interested in providing furnished tenancies to give best practice advice and expertise. Please get in touch if you'd like to find out more.

In November 2017, we launched Beds for Kids, a crowdfunded campaign aimed at delivering beds to some of the 9,000 children across the Liverpool City Region. Originally intended as a Christmas campaign, we are hoping to be able to run the project year-round.