Together we can End Furniture Poverty

Furniture Poverty hides behind too many front doors.

It is the single mother and child sharing a mattress on the floor for a bed; the family with no cooker who can only make hot food that requires hot water from a kettle; the family with no wardrobes or chests of drawers so clothes are stored in black bags on the floor; the family where there is no table for children to eat from or do their homework.

Furniture Poverty hides behind the sofa.

The family has a sofa, beds and kitchen appliances but to get them they have gone into levels of debt which are unmanageable. They have borrowed from high cost lenders because the best prices on the High Street or on-line aren't available to you when you are managing on a small weekly budget. When there isn't enough money for fuel or food, where does the money for furniture and appliances come from?

End Furniture Poverty raises awareness of the often hidden problems of Furniture Poverty, informs people across all types of housing about the potential solutions to Furniture Poverty that exist and champions large scale change to tackle the problems of Furniture Poverty on a national scale.

Support us, get involved….Together we can End Furniture Poverty